The Experiments and Science for SNOLAB
(Lively, Canada)
August 15-17, 2005


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Our IVrth SNOLAB workshop will be hosted at the facility's new surface building, commencing at 8:30 am on Monday, August 15, 2005 and adjourning, for general participants, following lunch on Wednesday, August 17, 2005. The main goals of the workshop are:

1. To update the scientific community on SNOLAB construction and the development of the scientific program,
2. To establish an initial suite of experiments for SNOLAB,
3. To further develop the longer-term scientific strategy for SNOLAB, and
4. To begin the development of a Users-Group for the new facility.

The workshop agenda focuses around the primary scientific thrust areas under development, namely solar neutrinos, neutrinoless double beta decay, and cosmological dark matter. Some time, however, has also been allotted to discuss other ideas for physics experiments received since our original call for Letters-of-Interest (LOIs) and the possibilities for areas of science and engineering outside of physics. The existing agenda is structured around potential experiments that could be sited at SNOLAB based upon the LOIs thus far received, however, this workshop is open to any participants interested in the development of SNOLAB. Participants are kindly asked to register for the workshop. If participants wish to make a presentation that isn't already scheduled for the workshop they are asked to inform Andrew Hime ( directly so that the agenda can be appropriately modified.

Please see the first bulletin and the preliminary agenda.

Participants could arrive on Saturday or Sunday the 13-14th August, with workshop sessions held on the 15-17th August. There is a banquet dinner planned for the Monday evening on the 15th. Underground tours of SNO are planned to follow the workshop with tour slots on the Wednesday and Thursday 17-18th. Please use the registration page to register and sign up for underground tours slots, or the tours page to review or modify your tour request.

The workshop is funded in part by SNOLAB (through the Canada Foundation for Innovation), and is organized by SNOLAB and SNOLAB Institute Universities.

Please use the online registration at your earliest convenience to participate.